This is international mail.It is only a Japanese
foreign territory.
It is not usable in some countries and areas. 
You can see it in Japanese postal HP.

It is the international postage with the chase
number/compensation.Damages (to 20,000 yen).
A rate changes by weight.
The indication of my shop is an amount of money
to send to [first zone / Asia].
In the other countries / area, a rate changes.
I contact you later.

There is the thing which I cannot send by country
/ area.
There is the thing which tax hangs.
Please watch Ministry of Finance Bureau of
Customs HP about tax.
Or, please confirm it in the Bureau of Customs
of the own country.

Please ask my shop about the product
/ transportation / payment.

【first zone / Asia】
・Singapore・Sri Lanka・Thailand・Taiwan・China・Nepal
・Vietnam,・Hong Kong・Macao・Malaysia・Myanmar
・Maldives ・Mongolia・Laos

※↑ There is a place not to be able to send
       a product to. 
       Please confirm it in Japanese postal HP.



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